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4/2 (West Hartford) Pipes Alive! Scott Lamlein, organist
4/2 (West Hartford) Palm Sunday Concert and Vespers
4/11 (Boston) ‘Pipes on the Plaza’ Organ Concert Series
4/14 (Groton) Back to the Future - Inauguration Concert for the New Organ at Groton Hill Concert Hall
4/16 (Winchendon) Pipes and Platter - Concert and Dinner
4/18 (Worcester) Tribute Concert in Memory of Rev Richard F Jones
4/21 (West Hartford) Spring Chamber Music - Catalyst String Quartet
4/23 (West Hartford) Choral Evensong - St. John's Schola
4/27 (Orleans) Gregorian Chant Retreat: Chants of Easter
4/30 (Groton) Simon Gledhill at the Shanklin Music Hall 4/34 Mighty Wurlitzer
5/7 (West Hartford) Pipes Alive! Alexander Straus-Fausto, organist
5/21 (Wellesley) Young Theatre Organist Showcase featuring Ben Forsthoffer & Ian Fraser at the EMCATOS 4/18 Mighty Wurlitzer
5/21 (Marblehead) Raymond Hawkins in Concert @ St. Michael's
6/4 (West Hartford) Pipes Alive! Christa Rakich, organist

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