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12/4 (Methuen) Merry Music Hall Christmas 2021
12/4 (Orleans) Thomas Murray in Concert
12/5 (West Hartford) Pipes Alive! Natasha Ulyanovsky, organist
12/5 (Cambridge) Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of University Lutheran Church’s 1971 Noack Organ
12/5 (Orleans) Carol Sing with Brass and Organ
12/5 (Boston) Dreams of Love and War
12/5 (Methuen) Merry Music Hall Christmas 2021
12/12 (West Hartford) Candlelight Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols
12/18 (Brookline) A Seraphim Christmas
12/19 (Marlborough) Messiah Sing
12/24 (worcester) Chr Eve Lessons & Carols - 11 choral anthems of the season
12/31 (Boston) Family Friendly demonstration of the "Copley Philharmonic Organ"
12/31 (Boston) Pipes and Pops
12/31 (Boston) Pipes and Pops
1/2 (West Hartford) Pipes Alive! Scott Lamlein, organist
1/9 (West Hartford) New World Trio: Ensemble-in-residence at Music at the Red Door
1/9 (Bristol) Celebrating Milestones Organ Concert
1/23 (West Hartford) Choral Evensong - St. John's Schola
2/4 (West Hartford) Jazz at the Red Door - The Sarah Hanahan Quartet
2/6 (West Hartford) Pipes Alive! Matthew Bickett, organist
2/13 (Hartford) AGO (sponsored) event Michael Hey and Christiana Liberis, Organist and Violinist
2/27 (West Hartford) Choral Evensong - Alchemy
3/5 (West Hartford) Choral Music for the Soul - Mozart Requiem
3/6 (West Hartford) Pipes Alive! Angela Salcedo, organist
3/27 (West Hartford) Choral Evensong - St. John's Youth Choir and Guests
4/3 (West Hartford) Pipes Alive! Organ Student Showcase
4/22 (West Hartford) Spring Chamber Music: Larksgrove Duo
4/24 (West Hartford) Choral Evensong - St. John's Schola
5/1 (West Hartford) Pipes Alive! Floyd Higgins, organist
5/15 (West hartford) New World Trio: Ensemble-in-Residence at the Red Door
6/5 (West Hartford) Pipes Alive! Christa Rakich, organist

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